Are you thinking of installing retractable window awnings for your house? If so then you have got to consider its worth, longevity and expense.

Among the first things that you have to learn about retractable awnings is that these window treatments are pricey. A small one will set you back a minimum of $500 approximately, while bigger retractable units can cost several thousand. Provided these figures, you would want to carefully examine the benefits and drawbacks before buying such an awning from reputable manufacturers like ” Inwood Blinds and Shutters“.

The advantages of retractable awnings

Long-term investment

Indeed the rates of retractable awnings in the market can be substantial particularly if you are hiring specialists to set everything up for you. Nevertheless precisely what many individuals do not realise that these awnings are in fact a long term financial investment that pays for itself over time in some ways. For one thing, the shade that it offers can help keep your home comfortable lowering your cooling expenses.

Safeguard home furnishings

Another good reason to buy a retractable awning is that the latter can help protect furnishings inside and outside your home. Furniture left exposed to the harsh elements will not last very long especially the ones that artisans make from hardwood.


Retractable awnings are just that – retractable. Hence they are bound to last longer than its’ fixed counterparts as it can be folded away in bad weather and need not continuously stand up against extreme heat and rain.

What about the cons?

Now that we have explored the advantages of setting up retractable awnings, you will need to consider its’ downsides. Only then can you come to a choice on whether a retractable awning is an excellent addition to your home. Some of the drawbacks apart from its typically high cost:


Retractable awnings are mighty complex for a window treatment and more so if you are choosing the motorised range. Even for a manual unit, the folding mechanism can take up much time, and effort ought to you run into any issues in the future. A motorised awning is hassle-free as it can be operated remotely, however, will need replacements for complicated elements such as the electrical picking up system every couple of years or two which will undoubtedly contribute to the expense.


Awnings whether retractable or not can be a lot harder to keep compared to other window treatments. You will have to clean them routinely to prevent a build-up of dust and dirt which may only turn it into an overall eyesore rather of an essential part of your home. More notably, you would have the ability to keep the assembly working correctly to benefit you for several years to come.

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